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First post in months.

I’m back. ;D

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Single or not, reblog see what you get. Do it anon or something.



♥ = I want a relationship.
♥ ♥ = Im falling for you.
;) = I wanna hug you.
:) = I like you a lot
:( = I miss you.
:D = You’re sexy/beautiful.
;O = I want you, but can’t.
:P = I want you more than anything.
:* = Kiss me
:| = You annoy me
:/ = I dunno..
XXX= porn 
:*** = We should make out!

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morethanyoucansee-deactivated20 said: I'm just sitting here, playing around with your cursor. Addicting.

I’m just sitting here, can’t fall asleep, thinking about what could’ve been 8months./:



So today at a basketball game, I met Vinny from Jersey Shore. I was like omfg I need a picture with him, so I walked up to him.
I begged for a picture, and he said “FINE just hurry up kid.”.
So I took it, and walked away from him. Then I watched as he turned down people who kept trying to take a picture with him, person after person. He even pushed a little girl away who tried to get close to him to give him a hug D: Just terrible./:

Just goes to show you how even celebrities who seem so sweet on t.v end up being jerks in real life, typical.  


Taking Back Sunday- Make Damn Sure

I’ll make damn sure that you can’t ever leave
No, you won’t ever get too far from me

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